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  • Nina Pušlar

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Nina, Nina, Nina

You said you didn't care
That you didn't have time for me anymore
That you were tired of me
That you already forgot me
I was unwanted like all the ads
That the thought of me burdened you
But time changes all of us
Who would believe that bravery is waking up inside me
It chills you like a cold shower now
The thought that you've been forgotten
Does it sting you, the fact that I picked myself back up
And that I stand firmly on my feet?
Oops, oops
You'd like to come back because I was
The one and only Nina, Nina, Nina
And when you waited for me to cry
I rose from the ashes like a phoenix
Oops, oops
I'm happy that I dared
Because I'm the only Nina, Nina, Nina for myself
Now that I'm unavailable
I'm suddenly interesting
You say you've really changed
Because you'd take your words back now
You'd warm up all the glances now
Does it seem that easy to you?
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Nina, Nina, Nina

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