刃傷松の廊下 (Ninjō matsu no rōka) (English translation)


勅使下向(ちょくしげこう)の 春弥生
いかに果(はた)さん 勤めなん
身は饗応の 大役ぞ
頼むは吉良と 思えども
彼(か)の振舞の 心なき
「各々(おのおの)方 各々方
浅野殿 刃傷(にんじょう)にござるぞ」
積(つも)る遺恨を 堪忍の
二字で耐えたる 長矩(ながのり)も
武士には武士の 意気地(いきじ)あり
刃(やいば)に及ぶ 刃傷の
血涙(けつるい)悲し 松の廊下
「おはなし下され 梶川殿
五万三千石 所領も捨て
家来も捨てての 刃傷でござる
武士の情を ご存じあらば
その手はなして 今一太刀(ひとたち)
討たせて下され 梶川殿」
花の命を さながらに
赤穂三代 五十年
浅野の家も これまでか
君(きみ)君たらずとも 臣は臣
許せよ吾を この無念
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Originally recoded by Ichiro Mayama

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The bloody corridor of the palace

March spring and the imperial envoys will leave the capital
No matter how I achieve it, I won't serve
They gave me the great task of entertaining them with food and drink
I ask Kira's thoughts
But his behavior is heartless
(Kajikawa lines)
To all of you,
Set the encounter
Lord Asano, there will be bloodshed
Naganori with two letters of patience
Bears the accumulating grudge
A samurai is proud of being it
This will come to a bloodshed
Sad blood tears on the corridor of the palace
(Asano lines)
Let me go Lord Kajikawa please.
I'll give up my territory of 53 thousand kokus
And my servants, there will be bloodshed
If you feel sympathy for a warrior
Let off your hands and let me attack
With a stroke of my sword please. Lord Kajikawa.
Just like the life of a flower, 50 years passed
Three generations in the Alko Castle
Asano's home has reached until here?
I am a little inferior to you
Forgive me for the regret

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