Ivri Lider - Nisim | ניסים (English translation)

English translation


Listen, Nisim*,
There is going to be a war
soon we'll get far.
Listen, Nisim,
There is going to be a war,
weeping is affected from laughter
as well.
don't push to the corner
a weird feeling,
concentrate please,
she's getting closer,
to ask a question,
try not to laugh as a lunatic,
with a stuck smile,
come, give me a kiss.
Get addicted,
try to say it's missing,
that you deserve more
from the beauty
that you have no ability to do this.
Get addicted to michal's* words,
says it's a pity that the water
dosen't look like the sky,
at all.
Look, Nisim,
It's all by accident,
Two people will wait for you,
Listen, Nisim,
There will fighting,
but we will win.
don't push to the corner a weird feeling,
please concentrate,
a question comes,
maybe the enemy is a friend,
with a stuck fist,
asking for a kiss.
Get addicted...
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* Nissim, Michal - names.


Nisim | ניסים