Sergej Ćetković - Nisu Mi Dali Da Te Volim (English translation)

English translation

They didn't allow me to love you

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When they erase this little bit of will from me
Only memories of pain will remain
Because you were my everything, and I was no one without you
Only a child knows how to love this much
They knew better than us
Nevertheless they are adults
They say: he's not for you, you're both still young,
A little bit crazy, that there will still be time to live,
A sea of changes, but never mine again
Only heaven knows
They didn't allow me to love you
Because I was alone, without anyting*
I only exist with you beside me, and I'm not affraid of anything
I was only wealthy when I was with you, my one and only
They didn't tell me that they promised you to
Someone else at the end of the world
They've stricken our winters with grief, our summers
Like I don't exist
They stole you from me, my dear
Years and life is passing by
I still light candles for you
I pray to God every day
To return you to me, but He won't
Because you were my everything
You're still my hope
Because of you I live this life
So I won't forget you
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*He's poor


Nisu Mi Dali Da Te Volim

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