No Gods, no masters

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No Gods, no masters (English) — Anarchist slogan, derived from the french one "Ni Dieu ni maître" (litt. "Neither God nor master").

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Translations of "No Gods, no masters"

CatalanNo tenir ni déu ni mestre
FrenchN'avoir ni dieu ni maître
English, French #1, #2, Turkish
GreekΔεν έχει τον θεό του
SpanishOponerse al poder establecido
Turkishher şeye muhalif olmak

"No Gods, no masters" in lyrics

This cry which has no rosette[fn]The Rosette of the order of the Légion d'honneur. The prisonner was not from the elite.[/fn]
The word of the prophet
I claim it and wish you
No gods, no masters

Léo Ferré - No gods, no masters

I am who I am, take it or leave it,
A rebel at heart,
No gods, no masters,
My time has come.

Arch Enemy - No Gods No Masters