up to no good

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up to no good (English) — Doing something bad

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"up to no good" in lyrics

Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool
And all shootin' some B-ball outside of the school

When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Startin' making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my Mom got scared

Will Smith - The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

We fear rejection, prize attention, crave affection
Just another pop confession!

Salt and swear I am up to no good
I'd get out now, If I were you I would
Pick at my nails so they flake away

MS MR - Salty Sweet

Wish I could believe you
But you are up to
No good
I could forgive
But it don't feel right

Roya (UK) - Lie

and if I get mad when I go to bed and se his mind is up to no good,
"it's your duty" he says, as a wife.

I'm Mary Panagiotara a working mother and a good housewife.
I'm nothing special, or amazing, meaning I'm a right-out bloke-head.

Aphroditi Manou - A day of Mary

That shmuck is a fox and you are nothing but fools

Even dumber than Bernanke, Trichet and King
German bankers, our blemish, they are up to no good
Want to squeeze every last penny out of Germans
Do those who lost their money deserve no better

Xavier Naidoo - Get Out Of The Reichstag*

Started off as a one night stand. Lingered to a fling.
The sirens and the sergeants didn’t seem to mean a thing.
Hide your fangs all you want, you still need the blood.
Tell us that it’s different now, you’re up to no good.

Take my hand, show me the way, we are the children that fell from grace.

Bring Me the Horizon - It Never Ends

I shoot a mofo in the throat with my bow
Tomahawk chop is my death blow x2

From Boston to NY, always up to no good
Don't know how I can see out this big-ass hood
Walkin' through the crowds touchin' you on the back

Smosh - Ultimate Assassin's Creed III Song

and I know it's no fun
when your first son
gets up to no good
starts freaking out the neighborhood

Mac Demarco - Freaking out the neighborhood

[2nd Verse]
You Love To Pretend That You're Good
When You're Always Up To No Good
You Really Can't Make Him Hate Her
So Your Tongue Became A Razor

Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

Well, my money's no good when I'm up to no good
No good ever comes from it, honest
I got a really good heart
I just can't catch a break
If I could i'd treat you like you wanted me to I promise

Ryan Adams - Two

No good, you're up to no good
But damn you look good and I'm drunk
Now you got me kind of thinking, like maybe I would
So hard to be good, it's so hard to be good

S C A N D to the A, to the L O U S

Cobra Starship - Damn, You Look Good And I'm Drunk (Scandalous)

Tonight with me.

Those two very good friends.
Are up to no good tonight.
Glasses have been emptied at home.
And wearing very short Guessi's t-shirt.

Ott Lepland - Through night Tallinn

Come and watch the sequel...

The world had cracked in half, the crevice fumes,
The blood is shed, there's a war of good against evil,
The light goes dim, a spider weaves a lace about the corners,
Down the dark streets flies the Night Watch.

Uma2rman - Night Watch

We can never talk

Each to his own, it's separate showers.
Up to no good after hours.
It's a shame we get so violent.
I never thought we could be so different.

Greg June - We Can Never Talk

{She, the pianist, spoken:}
- Enough, enough, enough, enough !
- But it's not me !
- Oh, good, sorry


Édith Piaf - The Java in a Minor Key

I got knowledge and other suckers lack it
So, when you see Dre, a DJ on the mic
Ask what it's like, it's like we getting hype tonight
Cause if I strike, it ain't for your good health
But I won't strike if you just

N.W.A. - Express Yourself

It ain't easy growing up in the hood but I got my music box
When the sirens sound, wind it up
Or the shots ring down, just wind it up
When i'm up to no good cause I got my music box

[Verse 2:]

Keke Palmer - Music Box

They’ll no doubt cause me trouble,
They’ll film me over the phone
And put me on YouTube.
I’m scared that my reviews won’t be good,
That they’ll say I’m repeating myself,
That I’ve peaked as a songwriter,

Lynda Lemay - If I Was Optimistic

You tell me I'm up to no good
I'd better just settle down
You tell me I'm up to no good
I'd better just settle down.

Chainside - I Would Die For You

This diamond ring on my hand's the only good thing that came from that man, Got a GTO from one named Joe and a big piece of land down in Mexico, I'm hell on heels baby I'm coming for you

I got a pink guitar a lincoln town car from o what's his name I met at a bar, Got high rise plan from Hollywood from a married man that wasn't up to no good, I'm hell on heels baby I'm coming for you

Then there's Jim I almost forgot I ran him off but I took the yacht, Poor o Billy bless his heart I'm still using his credit card, I'm hell on heels surgar daddy I'm coming for you

Pistol Annies - Hell On Heels

A new boat and a new PIN code
A new bathrobe, a new SIM card
Everything will work out for rich people
Svein and I, we were up to no good
Svein and I, born the same year
Svein and I, we're from a place where you never talk about bad things

Karpe Diem - Gunerius

She said "I heard you got a main chick
A mistress and some hoes

You be up to no good
And everybody knows
My homegirls tried to warn

Trey Songz - Can't Get Enough

When I disappear, do you fear for the sister I took?
When I disappear, it is clear I am up to no good
I am drearily blunt, letting this bed wetting cosmonaut
"Son, the last thing you'll realize

Brand New - Luca

Choose to feel

We found you laying in your hotel room
With your bible tied up because you were up to no good
You started shaking, you were in your bed
Doing everything we could, just hoping that your not dead

Foster the People - Downtown

confusions not a kiddney stone in my brain
but if were miscommunicating do we feel the same?
Then either way you look at it you have your fits
I have my fits but feeling is good

You gotta give a little you gotta get a little bit

Animal Collective - Banshee Beat

Now I’m the bad boy that you invite for dinners
Ain’t got no manners cos I eat with my fingers
Lost boys terrorise the neighbourhood
And hounds of the Baskerville be up to no good
So come on come on everybody keep checking us
Coming with the funk bring it on wickedness

5ive - Everybody Get Up

is smiling, but I know him well
The foe in the mirror
whose stare chills me
is up to no good

Outside I walk past strangers,

Alain Chamfort - The foe in the mirror

Sometimes I wish I could meet her
Apologize, delete all the damage I've done

I was young and I was up to not good, up to not good
Someone left me in the way that I left you
It's how I understood

Jojo - Reckless

Sanningen är jag är viktig
Du är lantis jag är lammkött
Du är hipster jag är ort
Glider som fan up to no good
Galen för ikväll skiter i o vara snäll

Lilla Namo - Ny Bil

"Can you see whose rocking the boat?"
That's the exploder of the pot, the spitter, the
The dude of the west bank, mister young rapper
Whenever I step out of the door I'm up to no good
People circle me from afar, my face indicates my mood
Got enough nerve when I see a popper walking in front of me

Tulenkantajat - Puritan

I wish you'd say something
While me and my girls is stuntin'
Ain't no problems here,
See, I'm just trying to have me a good time

Ooh, these haters got a sour head look upon their face

Danity Kane - Lemonade

So I'll zap up a date who's a real dead ringer

Up to no good, I love plottin'
'Cause I'm so good when I'm rotten
No more Mr. Nice Guy, wait and see (wait and see)

The Swan Princess (OST) - No More Mr. Nice Guy

I come to rap the ugly's people sexual life
I come to smoke my weed stock, laminate slivers in the pockets
our life, it's a suicide, I'm neurotic, me, I sell weed
I'm up to no good, frigid hookers, crappy plans
I don't articulate when I talk, total woozy mind
I move slow 'cause I multiply the time by two

Casseurs Flowters - Freestyle Phoenix Radio


They tell me I'm up to no good
I shoud just settle down
But I don't wanna stay with just one man

Me & My - So Many Men

You're such a doll my dear

Well there's nothing wrong, with the way you look
But you've been acting like you're up to no good
You're playing me like I've got nothing to lose
You better keep it in line

Hanson - And I Waited

We charge ahead to show

We're good in bed


Falsettos (Musical) - Four Jews in a Room Bitching

I wasn't there when Sherman's March turned the south into firewood
I want you to get paid but be a slave I never could
Feel like a new fangled Django, dodging invisible white hoods
So when I see that white cowboy hat, I'm thinking it's not all good
I guess we're both guilty of judging the cover not the book
I'd love to buy you a beer, conversate and clear the air

Brad Paisley - Accidental Racist

No matter what I tell them
Seems I always end up misunderstood
No matter my intention
All they gotta say is I'm up to no good
I ain't even mad
Why would I be mad?

Wretch 32 - Alright With Me