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No hablaré de mi amor [I Won't Say (I'm in Love)] (Latin Spanish) (English translation)


No hablaré de mi amor [I Won't Say (I'm in Love)] (Latin Spanish)

—Ay, ¿qué está pasándome?
¿Es que no lo entiendo?
Si a los engaños dieran premios,
hubiera varios ya ganado.
No me interesa tener novios,
eso es historia; ya lo sé todo.
¿A quién crees que engañas?
Él es lo que tú más quieres.
Ocultarlo tratas,
es hermoso lo que sientes.
No lo disimules,
bien sabemos dónde está tu corazón.
No van a oír que lo diga, no, no.
(Tu sueño es, no lo niegues, uh oh...)
Jamás lo haré, no hablaré de mi amor.
Creía ya haber aprendido.
Siempre el inicio es hermoso.
Mi mente dice "Ten cuidado"
porque no todo es maravilloso.
Claramente vemos
que lo quieres y lo extrañas.
No lo aceptaremos,
date cuenta que lo amas.
Trata de admitirlo,
tienes que aceptarlo, muy enamorada estás.
No van a oír que lo diga, no, no.
(Ya ríndete, tu sonrisa es de amor...)
No insistan más, no diré que es amor.
(Quieras o no, te atrapó el amor...)
No pidan más que lo diga.
(No lo dice más...)
No harán jamás que lo diga.
(Su orgullo no deja que hable de amor...)
Nadie sabrá, no hablaré de mi amor.
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I Won't Talk About My Love

Versions: #1#2
'Ow, what's going on with me?
Don't I understand it?'
If deceptions were awarded prizes,
I would have already won several.
I'm not interested in boyfriends,
that's ancient history - I already know it all.
Who do you think you're fooling?
He's what you want the most.
You're trying to hide it,
what you feel is beautiful.
Don't pretend,
we damn well know where your heart is.
You're not going to hear me say it, no, no.
(It's your dream, don't deny it, ooh oh...)
I'll never do it, I won't talk about my love.
I thought I had already learnt.
The beginning is always beautiful.
My mind says, 'Be careful
because not everything is wonderful'.
We clearly see
you love him and you miss him.
We won't accept it,
realise that you love him.
Try to admit it,
you have to accept it, you're so in love.
You're not going to hear me say it, no, no.
(Give it up now, your smile shows you're in love...)
Don't insist anymore, I won't say it's love.
(Whether you want it or not, love caught up with you...)
Don't ask me to say it anymore.
(She won't say it anymore...)
You'll never make me say it.
(Her pride doesn't let her talk about love...)
No one will know, I won't talk about my love.

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