no hard feelings

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no hard feelings (Estonian) — darılmak yok ama

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"no hard feelings" in lyrics

I never know, I never know
What to believe in
And It's getting old, it's getting old
But no hard feelings
'Cause friends come and go, friends come and go
Without a reason

Bebe Rexha - F.F.F

And I hope life holds for you what you need
And I hope you cry for bad and good things
No hard feelings
And for all your fears to be pure
And for the happines you didn't have to turn into love

Tiziano Ferro - At my age

Julie: You little bastard, I can see right through you
You want everything with no hard feelings
To eat your cake and fuck the baker
Two for the price of one

Les Chansons d’Amour (OST) - I love only you

Getting attached to you life
Remember me loving you
Waiting calmly for me
No hard feelings, no measures(?)
Remember me, remember me
Because my heart is tattooed on your skin.

La Quinta Estación - Remember me

But I have to let you go
Today I'm setting you free.

I don't hate you, there are no hard feelings
It's just that your heart
Isn't here anymore (your heart isn't here anymore)

Ha*Ash - I'm setting you free

Lifeless, calm and sort of naked

Formerly, you somehow pleased me more
Well, what the heck, no hard feelings, it has happened

And, it's not like I didn't say to you

Jack Slater - For Elise

Haters won't prevent me from exercising
Bro , if I mess up
Too bad , it makes me stronger
No hard feelings , I thank you
In the course , life plays tricks
Frelo persists because the wheel tu tu turns

Zaho - The wheel turns

French rap gets mad [fn] double meaning crazy/angry in the french version as well [/fn]
Capital of crime by thugs collaborating with accountants!
I take delight in the fact that my car was scratched
- no hard feelings cos
I'm one of the few MCs that has one!
Yeah you've tried it, you leave Trappes [fn] Trappes is the area la Fouine comes from [/fn] disappointed, when the cat's

La Fouine - Veni Vidi Vici [I came, I saw, I conquered]

I've got a bunch of bad bitches in the back with Ciroc on tap
And a little bit of Grey Goose oh, oh yeah were killing shit
With our money, we deal legit
So here's a sorry in advance, no hard feelings bitch
Sorry For Party Rocking
People Always say that my music's loud

LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking

Even my soul hurt
It was ending and I couldn't avoid it
She looked at me and told me "no hard feelings"
It was worse, this really made me feel bad

Hector Acosta - Sin perdon

On my way, i've seen many kings falling
Finally, here we go back to square one.
In the streets, stared at, pointed at
No hard feelings, here we go back to square one
Some words written on a paper sheet, much hope
It's a one-way trip back to square one

Team BS - Initial point / Back on scratch

'Cause it's true
I do, I do, I do, I do, I do

Oh, no hard feelings
Between you and me
If we can't make it

ABBA - I do, I do, I do, I do, I do

I don't even remember
Us making love any more

(And no hard feelings, but not anymore my love
I'm not coming back anymore, here, I am very happy here)

El Komander - The Role Changed

The envious won't stop me from practicing
Bro, if I fail
It doesn't matter, makes me stronger
No hard feelings, I thank you
While doing its job
Life is deceitful

Zaho - The Wheel Goes 'Round

but deep inside i'm lying
(It's funny how i lie to myself...)
I am sorry about many things...(Oh!)
But i have it clear, no hard feelings...(You know!)

I'm still here, (Oh!)

Alexis Y Fido - Sobrenatural

Bitch, you busted, it ain't no more red bottoms
No more overseas shoppin' but yes I'll still take that sloppy
I know you see me in that 'Rari cause it ain't no ceilings
When I see you in the city, it ain't no hard feelings
Ho', you shoulda used your head, bitch
Hey, you coulda had a check, bitch

Rae Sremmurd - My X

what is worth, how much it costs saying "no" to you this time.
I wish in these days full of fears
to hold each other's hand like real persons [do]
no hard feelings or mistrust involved, allowing hope to come in
because with a bit of sun every colour becomes uniform
Living together is not impossible after all, it will be up to us

Pupo - The opportunity

waht will i do? its my song. i've already got the parts written
but i wanna know what s happening in L.A
ok come america and you can star in my vid
ok so ill get my trunks and remember you invited me so no hard feelings!

Shahryar - Rofoozeh

"Be well, wherever you are"
That's over, I'm sorry, I'm going crazy
I know you expected to hear
"No hard feelings, remember me"
But I don't sleep at night
And I wish you...

Pantelis Pantelidis - Worse

Tying me to your life
Remember me, loving you
Quietly waiting for me
No hard feelings without measure
Remember me, remember me
My soul was tattooed on your skin

Il Volo - Remember me

I've heard it all before
Stop spinning your wheels
I'll show you the door
No hard feelings

I'm in love with somebody

Halestorm - It's Not You

I am making a step to you
why are you stepping back
there will be no hard feelings
if it will not work
in any case me I am postulating

Monsieur Nov - Forbidden

"Be well, wherever you are"
That's over, I'm sorry, I'm going crazy
I know you expected to hear
"No hard feelings, remember me"
But I don't sleep at night
And I wish you this...

Eleni Hatzidou - Worse

But something still died
On the sick side of the Goodness in you

No hard feelings
You just want to scream,
But you can't today either.

Alvin és a mókusok - The Goodness in You

Where I express all my scorn and there starts all the nonsense.
Accusing words, for rappers, I found ten thousand.
It's true that we hit rock bottom with that buffoon Morandini,
but no hard feelings. Because of my quill I pay my dues
And the right lets loose, puts me on the front page of Figaro
Another article to make the barometer lie

Youssoupha - Death Threat

You always make me
What you want
My way
No hard feelings

If I fall you're mine

Negramaro - Every of my istants

Who really knows how we will feel?
Or if we'll feel anything at all...But I'll tell you again...

No hard feelings, my sweet love

Nikos Oikonomopoulos - No Hard Feelings

We want to take down the moon
The impossible, and then some
Even if I say no hard feelings
I'll get rid of it all with the furniture

Sindy - No Hard Feelings

is not a passage
Not a passage to my country
I have left on the hunt for rainbows
With my net, with no hard feelings

When I count the stars

Akiko Shikata - The Corolla

You panic cause I'm moving on, you can't stand it
Fuck a virgo over one time, I leave you stranded
I'm past it
Ain't no hard feelings at all


Keke Palmer - Jealous

Shallow waters ran dry quickly
Though you'd disagree

No hard feelings, no regrets
Like baby birds do leave their nests
Flying away

Aurea - Nothing Left To Say

And it's not like I signed up for this
I'm sorry, I just like to be honest,
You're not my type,
No hard feelings,
Thank you and good night
Thank you and good night

Tonight Alive - Thank You And Goodnight

Sick in the brain, Netflix and chill with the bride from “SIDO”
Fingering around watching a movie – flicker book [“Daumenkino” (flicker book) literally translates to “thumb cinema”]
She wants to mask the sperm traces and ask me “do you have towels?”
No, but over there stand “SUN DIEGO”, so “sponge over”/no hard feelings [“Schwamm drüber” (no hard feelings/forget it) literally translates to sponge over (it) – Sun Diego is a german rapper who calls himself SpongeBozz, dresses like Spongebob etc.]
Whats up? All you ass fucked hustlers/male prostitutes?
You make panic-stricken faces like anime developer [“Macht ja panischer Gesichter” (make panic-stricken faces indeed) sounds the same as “Macht japanische Gesichter” (make japanese faces)]

Kollegah & Farid Bang - Sturmmaske auf (balaclava/skimask on)

You left me broken

There's no hard feelings

Cos when I needed you

Feargal Sharkey - You Little Thief

For us the day already faded
For the last time
Morning will come but no one will find us here
No hard feelings

Why is it hard simply to be?

Erika - No hard feelings

Just because you don't call it love
Don't mean it don't mean a thing
I saw it coming and no hard feelings
But it's hard feeling this way

Cam - Half Broke Heart

Or would I say; when we were kids
I wish that you remember me
But remember me like I was back then
Not like I'm now, no hard feelings


Protoni - Hey sister

I love you
I love you

Ain't no hard feelings
And ain't no feeling sorry
And if I never see you

Beatrice Eli - I Love You

I'll open my wardrobe and put all in its place
I have to separate all your clothes I don't want to wear
I swear that I have no hard feelings for you
I just want to be again that guy I presented you

Miranda! - One the two of us

See me look around, come and try me now
But you can't take the love outta me

Bring the new critics, got no hard feelings
Pop a cork in it
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Krewella - Love Outta Me

if I never dared
to confess you anything.

Darling, I have no hard feelings
for not understanding me
I know you did your best

Lolita Flores - My letter

here ends my testament...
The have marked on my door
"Closed on account of burial."
I've quit life with no hard feelings,
I'll never again have toothache:
There I am in the common pit,

Georges Brassens - The testament

A flower needs to die
one more pain to melt
one less apology to give you
one less fear to tell you

I'm thinking that

Ekhymosis - No hard feelings

I want to be eternal, I want to be a song!

And when you see her, tell her
that I have no hard feelings for her,
though those letters
that she left forgotten

Pecos - And she flew

ninety-nine it didn't work.
I think it's best we put it all behind
before we wind up getting hurt.
No hard feelings darling, no regrets,
No tears and no broken hearts.
Call it quits, calling off all bets,

George Strait - Easy come, easy go

I'm a faithless gambler, life taught me to roll
I must say goodbye, dice roll again
I have no more time to love you, you must control yourself
It's better for us, no hard feelings, goodbye.
It's my life.

Orquesta Mondragón - It's my life