The Sound Poets - No sevis vairs nav bail (English translation)

English translation

No longer afraid of oneself

Dances, she dances so swiftly
And she laughs, even while standing on a cliff!
He's left without armor or words
And captivated, it seems, by how she dances...
Such confusion he has for the first time in his life,
And now he's bound, even though he's been captured many times.
And still, it's not easy to make the move towards the cliff
And to give way to a dance when others laugh.
To stand beside him seems difficult
And hard to go away, because he's not alone
Behind him centuries stand.
And he lets himself be stabbed, torn and bitten
Lets everything be pulled off until he becomes bare
So others become confused, he's not afraid!
No longer afraid of the cliff!
Still she dances so swiftly
But now - he laughs and walks along the cliff
And bids farewell. And goes further
Along the footsteps of centuries
No longer feels the scars
They're no longer there...
No longer afraid of himself...
No longer afraid of himself...
No longer afraid of himself...
No longer afraid of himself...
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No sevis vairs nav bail

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