No sweat

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No sweat (English) — Often used as an exclamation to convey that someone perceives something is easy, with no, little difficulty or a great problem or issue. "You didn't study for the test." " No sweat! I crammed (studied hard) last night."
The literal sense would be to engage in a task that causes little or no perspiration. Severe dehydration would also cause no sweating to take place.

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No sweat — без усилий; без труда; запросто

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"No sweat" in lyrics

Now they know
You talk about the Hammer when you're talking 'bout a show
That's hyped and tight
Singers are sweatin' so pass them a wipe
Or a tape to learn
What it's gonna take in the '90s to burn

MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This

[Couplet 1]
Time's up, time to stop dancing.
Dance on, no sweat -- they'll get you dancing.
Swing on, they'll get you swinging.
Drink on, they'll get you drunk.

Stromae - Your party

I stay cool, so you better dress warmly
Drinks on ice, we start on the hard side
The DJ creates the beat, the bass beats
No sweat, crushed ice drops from the ceiling
There are no chilblains, fun is guaranteed
Alcohol is for free, because the bartender is frozen

Culcha Candela - Icecold

back on Greece, she says these lines:

141. Hear, my lads, 'tis like fete making
any war for you, no sweat,
and your knees are never shaking
in the face of any threat

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Hymn to Liberty

To drop anyone's jaw
I can't go soft on you
If not, you'll catch me,
You'll take over me with no sweat [2] and that's it
You'll capture my heart ...

Alcione - My ebony

Refrain 1.

It was so good there in the past,
Where there was no sweat and no tears.
But there was no purpose in that,
I can’t be like that, and how will you be able to?!

Okean Elzy - War that’s not yours

Hey, Mother To Be fence before sunrise
De Aqui No Sweat Goes Before Alcohol
Dj You Have The Control
Which Valla A Mover Seek Apana

Daddy Yankee - Intenso

Her step-sister Juana is crazy in the head
Juana dances, smokes, kisses, smokes marijuana.
Don Omar
Mary tightens her skirt so that no sweat flows
dancing in front of my face on the table
like a single girl she robs the show

Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Hooka

where all night watch guards
are playing tightrope walkers"
So that's my song, buddy
Don't want it ? No sweat
I'll put it back in my underpants,
but you don't know what you're missing.

Renaud - They didn't like my song

Cause I can

It's no sweat
Get the check
Show respect

The Pussycat Dolls - If I Was A Man

Just spread your wings and learn to fly
I must be one lucky guy
With a girl like you right by my side
No sweat, imma do this right
Bring the moon to the moonless sky
Yeah, I see – the stakes are high

Musiqq - Angel In Disguise

Chorus 1.

It used to be so nice before.
There were no sweat and tears.
However there was no goal out of the whole thing -
I can’t stand it anymore, and how about you?

Okean Elzy - The War Which Is Not Yours

Young playas gettin' raised out here
'N all the chicken-head bitches want to braid my hair
Straight takin' that money, straight takin' that money
It's all good, no sweat off my back
Cause it's just another day in the life of a mack

100s - Life Of A Mack

I stay cool, so you better put something warm on!
Drinks on the rocks, we start hard
The DJ brings the beats, the bass beats
No sweat, crushed ice drips from the ceiling
No frostbite, fun is guaranteed
Drinks are free when the bartender freezes

Culcha Candela - Ice Cold

I know that we're connected
and this bond is lasting
You simply found me
No sweat

I'm now on the move

Tim Bendzko - I'm now on the move

[Verse 1 - Ademo]
I'm in the shit, in a dead end
Oh yeah, your pussy, you shut up, you shut up
Life is hard, no sweat I'm hard, I cut coco
We have to do rounds, a ice heart
I don't know, I don't like you, you don't like me

PNL - Oh lala

In command where you belong

How you say, no sweat
We're finally on the field. We’ve had quite a run

Hamilton (musical) - Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

Ah yes, T.J.I.F, I need to let it go forget, no stress
No need to be at home with a role instead
And my favorite DJ is on the one, two step
No sweat, I'm a have to go get
Checking out the girl in the tight black dress
And when she dance to the music it's sex

Shontelle - DJ Made Me Do It

Got me 'bout to break my neck
Tell me how you pop like that
You do it like it ain't no sweat
I've never seen a bubble so fat
You do it all day in the mirror

Jason Derulo - Bubblegum

Aah, aah alles klar
Aah, aah alles klar
My guitar
Big deal no sweat understood
Big time no way knock on wood
Aah, aah alles klar

Chris Norman - Alles klar

(Yuna kim)
Too long from the lime light
Move aside that’s my spotlight
No sweat No gain
Not here for kid’s play
Don’t wanna play make believe

Various Artists - She's Coming

And that at the end of each month you have nothing left (nothing left!)
You might toil without a complain, you still can't see the end of it
And this, it makes you go crazy (go crazy!)
No sweat bro, don't worry, you've got friends,
You will never starve (starve!)

Mani - Don't worry

For some reason there's a gym out in the jungle
Where I lift these tiny weights to work out my fake muscles
I pump real hard but there's no sweat on my complexion
Cause I numb all my sweat glands with these Botox injections
Then I slam my cr*tch. Into the floor rap about sex non-stop
Act like a w*ore. Waste the talent I got

Bart Baker - Anaconda Parody

Refrain 1.

It was so good there once.
Where there were no sweat, and no tears.
Only there was no use in that,
I can’t take it, how will you?!

Okean Elzy - Ne tvoya viyna (Не твоя вiйна)

Where I spent ages scratching
The flaking paint

Our poetry, that was no sweat
And we didn't need any crows or foxes
When we wrote it

Renan Luce - One more bit of mischief won't make any difference

50 and rising
You bend over
No sweat I'm clean
Nothing can touch me

PJ Harvey - 50ft Queenie

Oh yeah! (Oh yeah)
Here we go! (Here we go)
A little rough! (A little rough)
No sweat! (No sweat)
I can do it! ( I can do it)
You can do it! (You can do it)

lacrea - battle song

Not everyone, nah, not at all
No, I'll put up a christmas tree
And no fear, I can do that
I'll have a Christmas celebration with no sweat
I bet everyone will be happy
Because it will be better anyways

The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - Jack's Obsession

I call my migo, migo come and let me juug through the city
He stuffed it with burritos and he let 'em fly right to me
Bitches call me Casino but I let 'em ride 'round the city
She want bingo, kilo, no sweat, now she can ride in the Bentley


Young Thug - Hercules

Too long from the lime light
Move aside that's my spotlight
No sweat No gain
Not here for kid's play
kkomadeul sokkupnori an hallae

Various Artists - She's coming

Dealin with the dope fiend binges, seein syringes
in the veins; hard to explain, how I maintain
The crack smoke make my brain feel so strange
Breakin days on the set, no sweat
Drunk off Moet, can't bag yet because it's still wet
But when that dry, baggin five at a time

Notorious B.I.G. - Everyday Struggle

Now, it's not all bad.
Now, I'm not saying "Kill yourself".
But if you're gonna be an idiot and do it anyway,
it's no sweat off of my back.
There's a lot of good that could come from it.
A little bit of bad thrown in.

Bobby Gaylor - Suicide

Nothing else has been sounding
Good to me, you're good for me
Ain't enough for me if you up and leave
It wouldn't be no sweat (whoo!)
Making love to you all day
I've really been thinking

Austin Mahone - If I Ain't Got You

Let's get to it, let's roll up our sleeves.
We dream about change, rebellion and triumphant revolution.
Join the struggle, comrade, if you have faith in victory.
I'm offering you a deal. No sweat, I won't cross you.
I give you a leg up and you throw me back the rope.
United and together, behind a single banner.

Ministère des affaires populaires - Revolutionary greetings

And watch the trend begin

I'm bringing it in style myself
You know it is with ease no sweat
I'm bringing in with all my friends
So are you in?

Deftones - Goon Squad

Wake up to the jive of the bell
No sweat now I’m feelin’ swell
Well gee, golly it’s a beautiful day!
Gonna burn my troubles away

Miracle of Sound - Going Nuclear

(Yuna kim)
Too long from the lime light
Move aside that's my spotlight
No sweat No gain
Not here for kid's play
꼬마들 소꿉놀이 안 할래

Various Artists - She's Coming

Yeah, you can show me your heart
(Show me your heart)
If you put it all in my hand
No sweat
No, I won't break it apart
(Break it apart)

Niall Horan - Since we're alone

Right into your central parts
I will send my love with a chat.
And I’ll blow it in the air, no sweat,
We can stay forever here I bet
But we are speeding for the line.

SEREBRO - Young Yummy Love

No breaks!

No sweat


The Swan Princess (OST) - No Fear

You make this headache pound
I ain’t trying to mess around
You ain’t allowed to get me down!
It's no sweat at all
No, I won’t stress about
Anything projected out of your passive aggressive mouth!

Atmosphere - Jush for Show

The name is the A to the R to the K
The Ark that's us and we're here to stay (lego)
It's been along time we're finally here
No sweat no gain not here for kid's play

Clap Clap~

The Ark - Intro

You do this every fucking time
No sweat, no tears, no guilt
You do this every fucking time
No sweat, no tears, no guilt

Do this one more time and I'll bit your fucking fingers off!

Enter Shikari - No Sssweat

Jme[fn][/fn] on the spot, just hand me the the relay
Then we'll turn the kayak and tip the cap
Anti-hate, anti-fear, anti-violence, will always go on
Antiperspirant, there's no sweat
Dressed as an adult in trenchcoat and Timberland's
Feel most of all like Peter Pan in Neverland

Nik & Jay - Route H

Pull up in R8
No chauffeur, so if I'm late
Rock and call check, champagne on deck
Pretty smile, no sweat
Show off the dress, oh yes
Smooth, dude macking it

Chrisette Michele - I'm Still Fly

Jme to the rescue, just pass the baton to me
And we'll turn the kayak around, tipping the cap
Anti-hate, anti-fear, anti-violence, will always keep on going
Antiperspirant, there's no sweat
Disguised as an adult in a trench coat and Timberland
More than anything, I feel like Peter Pan in Neverland

Nik & Jay - H Line