No te vayas (English translation)

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Don't Go

Very soon I'll be able to see you again
My mouth without your mouth is an eternity
The night seems like it's going to be great, very great
Wear whatever you want, it's all the same to me
I like when you tell me that you miss me too
That you need me,
Like I you
I'll throw the house out of the window
I know that you're dying of desire as well
If you want, stay until morning
Ay, don't go
Ay, don't go
Let the neighbours have the party
While you and I close the door
Today I'm going to give you what you want
So that you don't go
So that you don't go
Don't let the light come in through the window
Nor let the warmth escape from us
And let your scent remain in my pillow
And that it doesn't go
That it doesn't go
I know clearly everything that I feel
That I don't have time left to doubt it
Baby, I'm dying
I can't get over you
Crazy for seeing you again
That I'm used to missing you
But I want to have you by my side
Baby, I'm dying
I can't get over you, no
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No te vayas

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