in no time

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Idiomatic translations of "in no time"

за нула време
im Handumdrehn
von jetzt auf gleich
in null Komma nichts
یک کَلّه
Na wczoraj
на вчера

Meanings of "in no time"


without pause / without respite / without ceasing

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Explained by gutefeegutefee

"in no time" in lyrics

NCT DREAM - dear dream

now i know it's you

as time passes
i treasure when we were so young

Shade - Bye then

you know I'd arrive in no time
If you ask for the moon I'll pick it from the sky, but there's no time anymore
no time.

3RACHA - Runner's High

They call me "triple threat, rap, dance, vocal", I do it all
Oh man like 'tripal x', CB's too hot
The marathon I've been running all this time heats me up
It's not a big deal now

Wisin & Yandel - Sexy movement

I would like to feel your body
It’s the moment
To come to me, don’t waste more time

Clau - Few Breaks

In the budget
The changes, lessons from Rolex's window
More than one price for the same time

Castle in The Sky (OST) - Carrying You

I'll bring you out of your disguise

Yes, the time for me has come
To set out on my way

Aventura - I invite you

But i have tricks and few words
Think it through well i invite you in my bed
I will be back in no time i tell my corduroy

TWICE - Get Loud

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah
In no time the scars will be healed
It's just something that's passing through

Razzy - If You Do Do - Pomp and Circumstance

I'll do you fast and hard, you're gonna end up blind

I'll give you a sign and then you'll see in no time!
All Right! All the tension, killer engine

Celia Cruz - Just In Case I Don't Return

in the case I don't return
pain will kill me
so much time without seeing her
my heart hurts

Haifa Wehbe - You again!

What brought you back?
And why are you telling me about your agony?
I don't have time for you
You've made me suffer for so long

Atif Aslam - In No Time **

I keep thinking she was so innocent that
She just transformed into a different person in no time
She just transformed into a different person in no time
What happened to our love...

KMFDM - Heave-ho!

In no time

Claudio Capéo - Rich

There'll be days with and days without
Friends who return their jacket in no time
Days of pain that bind us and the torments

Tangled (OST) - I see the light

He will tell me the answer
The arrow has pierced through my heart
Everything has changed around in no time
Now I am with you

Wolfgang Petry - The Devil Knows

Last night turned everything upside down
You got me in bed in no time at all
I bend over backwards for youu

Đorđe Balašević - Merry-go-round

The night swings like an over-ripe kernel
Hard times, but I am even a harder man
Gravitation takes its toll in no time.

EXO - Groove

Take me above that cloud
I just wanna make you groove baby
In no time, we’ll be in another dream baby

Max Hansen - The White Horse Inn on Lake Wolfgang

When the beautiful innkeeper calls to me "Welcome!"
Every day in no time
becomes a holiday.

Detective Conan (OST) - Think of You

As long as I am with you
Even my anxieties will disappear in no time
When can I