Noć je, Zvezdana (English translation)

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It's a starry night

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The same city, everything's the same,
everything's like it used to be
the same streets are in front of me
Who shall I ask where you are
where you are tonight
the devil or God, when you're a bit of both
Come get me secretly tonight
take me out of this monotony
because everything is so intense with you
let everyone wonder where we are, where we are
If I have to I'll even go to hell with you
you promise me madness with your gaze
and that's exactly what I'd sell my soul for
and I'd walk a fine line for you
Na, na, na, na...
it's a starry night
only you and I, only you and I, only you and I
it's a starry night
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Author's comments:

*Zvezdana is her alter ego >>> it's nighttime, Zvezdana.

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