Samuel Aguayo - Noches del Paraguay (English translation)

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Noches del Paraguay

Viejos recuerdos trae mi memoria
y llega el hado que es todo un ay,
mi pecho enfermo dulce en ti piensa,
noches hermosas del Paraguay.
Huérfano incierto sigo la ruta,
triste tragedia de mi pesar,
mas nada pasa, mi alma se enluta,
sueño en las noches del Paraguay.
De ti distante me hice bohemio,
canto mis versos todo al azar,
sufro llorando en altas horas
que no son noches del Paraguay.
Pienso en mi rancho, mi madre amada,
la china acaso que me olvidó,
viendo constante bellos reflejos
de aquella luna que no veo yo.
Mi luna hermosa no me refleja,
la niebla fría cubre mi andar,
no son tus cantos menos tus luces,
radiante luna del Paraguay.
Recuerdo todo de aquellos días,
de los amores que allá dejé,
mis ilusiones, la prometida,
la amada buena de mi niñez.
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Letra: Pedro J. Carlés
Música: Samuel Aguayo

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English translation

Paraguay nights

My memory brings back old recollections
and fate arrives, always a sigh,
my weakened breast thinks softly of you,
of beautiful Paraguay nights.
Bereft and unsure I follow the path,
unhappy tragedy of my sorrow,
but nothing passes by, my spirit is in mourning,
I dream of the Paraguay nights.
Far from you I became bohemian,
I chant my poems randomly,
I suffer, weeping, during late night hours
which are not Paraguay nights.
I think of my home, my beloved mother,
the nursemaid who may have forgotten me,
seeing always beautiful reflections
of that moon which I do not see.
My beautiful moon doesn't shine on me,
the cold fog conceals my movement,
it's not your poetry but your lights,
radiant Paraguay moon.
I remember all of those days,
all of the loves that I left back there,
my dreams, the fiancée,
the great love of my childhood.
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