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Just yesterday you said you loved me,
That there was nobody else above me,
That I was yours and you were mines,
That there was no limit to our sky,
But then you had to put our love on hold,
When it came to making love it wasn’t you anymore,
Now you’re telling me to leave,
I gotta walk out the door,
Can’t you see that this is killing me?
It’s hurting my soul,
How am I supposed to leave you?
When my heart tells me to keep you
How can you ask me to let you Gooooooo
(No I just can’t let you go)
Can’t you see I’m slowly dying?
But I’m gonna keep on trying
Please don’t ask of me to let you gooooo
Let me start by telling you that I love you with all my heart,
But I can’t understand the reason when your telling me you’re leaving,
Girl me and you we supposed to be forever and ever,
Now instead of being in love its like were used to each other,
How could we do this to each other?
We used to ride for each other,
Die for each other,
Cry for each other,
Now its like all we want to do is say bye to each other,
I can’t let this happen,
I refuse to loose you,
I love you baby,
It’s the truth as usual,
I want to make you happy,
Girl it ain’t hard to see you mean the world to me,
We done been through it all,
Thick and thin,
Right or wrong,
I can’t let you go cuz this loves too strong,
Look baby just tell me what you want,
Look baby just tell me what you need,
Look baby I know that I am far from perfect,
The game and the money they can take cuz it’s worthless,
I know it’s hard to deal with my life,
I know its hard to deal with all the gossip,
I done seen him with this one,
I done seen him with that one,
But everything that they say is monotonous,
Can’t you hear it in my voice,
Mama you’re my heart my soul my love.
And I swear to you baby I just want to give you my heart my soul my love,
I know we can work this out,
I know we can,
Baby lets try,
But the one thing I won’t do is let this love die,
Dime, yes I’m dying to let you know,
And the only thing I get from this is all this crying,
Tell me,
How I’m I supposed to let you go,
No, no, no
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