Ahmet Kaya - Giderim (English translation)

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i cant stay with you nomore
i will walk out tonite
not to stay my estimate to the last justment
i will wash my hands and go away
you dont bother from where u are
i wont be loud from the depths
on my finger tips
i will go away like a flowing streams
from now on you enjoy yourself
either my absence stays nor my cruelty
i wont complain this time
i will grit my teeth and bear it then go away
you thought this pain wud break me down
i will hop on troubles and go away
like a bullet like a rifle
blow out like a mountain i will go away
even tough i lose everything
i will tear up this love then go away
my going aways wont be sneakingly
i will walk out by slamming the door
the last song i wrote for you
i will rip it off from my instrument
u know i cant cry
i will fround and go away
from my dogs from my birds
i will go away backing down on my little ones
whatever you left me with
i will put it in their place
i wont have you crush me down
i will walk out by burning my body
i wont be cursing Dont worry
i will shoot myself in the head and be gone
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tigoola67    Mon, 07/01/2013 - 08:06

harika bu sarki ve siiri