786 - Palestine



"First thing, the occupation started
Palestine, was left broken hearted
hands down, you won't believe the way they laid their wrath on her
six feet, under is where they left us
so bad, the way that they were killing us
too bad we're not afraid to die
when bombs fall from the sky
can't explain
i never thought that we were gonna lose so bad
they're all insane
there's got to be a way
how can we get back on track
now tell me how it's gonna be done
will we win or lose this one?
(don't care about the fact)
cuz they are in the lead
they say we all should be scared
Palestine will never be theirs
next thing, they're taking all our houses
Palestine, red from all the corpses
tough luck, they had to have the guns when all we have are rocks
all day, they're killing little babies
so we're, defending our families
they said that we were out of line
who's wrong, who's right this time?
there's got to be a way
Palestine, they need to get out
don't care about the fact it's all that
Islam, has blown out the doubt
there's no way for us to stop
Allah, stop all of the screaming
Allah, restore the one true dream
Palestine, it has to be the one to see
Islam will shine
no matter what they try to say
there's got to be a way"
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