Dara Bubamara - Sebična (Себична) (English translation)

English translation


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She appeared at once
Full of herself, your ex
And I see that it's not all the same to you
While she looks at you, while she talks to you
Believe me, love doesn't exist here, since long ago
That way you only bring up her vanity
Don't reminisce about the past
Ref. 2x
I'd pay your debt
I'd carry your sin
And I'd endure your pain
But don't ask of me
To share you with her
That's when I'm most selfish
That's when I'm most selfish
So, so selfish
While she's standing not even an inch away from me
She's all good, she's all nice
But only womaen know women
That she wants half of you
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Sebična (Себична)