Olga Tañón - Vivire por Ti (English translation)

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I will live for you

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With you I learned
to love and to be loved
In your eyes the light emanate of this love
I will always yours
Although I'm away
I'm running to cuddle you and to feel your warmth
Ay, like I love you, to you
You write notes on my skin
you will be song of every `×××××××××
For always I will love you
I will live for you
It was my destiny to love you like this
We're together it's not coincidence
This has to be
I will live for you
I want to be the woman of your life
Like I love you
My amulet, my essence, my life
Everthing will be for you
You saduce with your voice
I'm the master of your kisses
Only close your eyes and I will be there
Take me to the sky(or heaven)
you're my sanctuary
I will be the guardian of your love till the end
I will give everything for you
You write notes on my skin
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Vivire por Ti

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