Die Prinzen - Mann im Mond (English translation)

English translation

Man in the moon

Every night the man in the moon turns his light on
So that a person on earth can see something
Something that, when he doesn't turn it on, one can't
But then he can't see what's happening here either
& often the man looks down at the both of us
Because you really interest him
& then he sees if we're cuddling or argueing
But probably we're argueing more
& when it gets really bad
You get in your spaceship & it flies
To the man in the moon
Who finally gets what he wanted for so long
Sometimes is the man in the moon
For his loyal service rewarded
& if you look at him really fondly
Then he gets his lantern out
In the sky lives
The man in the moon
& certainly he is (1)amorous... (1)verliebt can also mean in love so is this the right one?
& you are then up there with the man in the moon
Then he makes everything possible with you
In fact down here one hears you then rolling about
& naturally I (2)roll about too (2) is this right for es tobt in mir?
But already the next morning
You've had enough of the man in the moon
You sit in your spaceship
& he wishes you a good flight
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Mann im Mond

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