Alizée - Fifty-Sixty



Pretty Sixteen,
(Beautiful heroine of the sixties)
(you're swaying)
(you're divine)
(when your dancing)
(In the eyes of Andy)
(bye bye bee bop, no more at the top)
(it's pop-art)
that unermines you
whisked off
pop-corns and Hula-ups
Rêve de gloire et de fortune,
Chic en Chanel, Amour et toujours glamour,
Aux expos tu poses et t'exposes,
A 4oo Asa tu oses toutes les poses...
Fifty sixty
Born in 50
sexy sixty
so exiting horny
go into extasy
ingenuous, she believes everything that Andy
that Andy says about her
That she's the nicest
Of every models
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