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Women aren't the only ones with feelings
Baby i'm going to tell you straight
I feel bad, so bad
Kenny, tell them
Yesterday you told me you loved me
That there was nobody who could seperate us
That I was yours and you were mine
That for our love there were no half measures
But suddenly everything changed
You weren't the same any more when we made love
Now you ask me to leave for no reason
You don't know how much damage it did to my heart, losing you
Tell me how to forget you
If I don't want to be away from you
Don't ask me to leave, no
I'm not leaving, no
Can't you see that I can't
Without you I'm desperate
Honey you are the reason that i exist
All this is the reason that I work so hard
Don't ask me to leave, no
I want to give you a different life
I love you with all my heart
But I don't understand the reason
Because I feel like you and I are the same, only better
We are used to (each other)
And we are in love
Or maybe it's something that comes...
And goes ??
let's work it out
It's a deep wound
Think of the years
-That you and I spent together
So what, all those years were just for fun?
Don't tell me that baby
I can't accept that
A love like ours is real
A love so deep
I bet you the world
that you feel the same
A love you can't forget
A love you can't hide
A love so rich and strong
That you can't doubt it
How could you hurt me
If the only thing I did was love you
I think i deserve an explanation
Believe me, i've tried to forget
And the only think I have managed to do is remember you
Tell me how to put up with such pain
tell me girl what is it you feel
tell me girl what is it you want
Look my girl, you know that my life
Is in everyone's hands (literally mouths)
(I am the) gossip here and there
I saw him here, I saw him there
I saw him with this, I saw him with that
So I call you and you don't answer
I love you, I want you
I adore you, my love
I want to live, my darling, with you
I want to please you
But tell me what I have to do, tell me
Tell me what i should do if the truth is that I can't...
Get away from you, forget you, baby I don't want..
Don't ask me again, I'm not going to please you
If everything was fine
Tell me love, what did I do wrong?
What did I do wrong?
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