RBD - Ser o parecer (English translation)

English translation

Ser o parecer

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to be or to look like you imagine you are
can’t make me owner of your life
if you don’t look at me baby
a lot i’ve tried to rise my voice
to wake the empty interest
that make you mine baby
and i know that maybe that day
never comes
but in my dreams you’ll always be
like a light that lightens me
and at awakening I want to try again
i know that heart beats stronger, more than an engine
and even if you don’t know nothing about me
someday I’ll reach you, love
and when I reached that, and got near to you
I was frozen, I was about to being killed by nervous
I didn’t say anything baby
the other day I convinced myself about talking to you
I saw you walking by with another, very happy
it wasn’t time, baby
how it comes I am crazy, so in love
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Ser o parecer

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