Qom (English translation)

  • Artist: Nasheeds (أناشيد)
  • Song: Qom 4 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, #3, Portuguese


قم ودع عنك الرقاد إنه الإسلام عاد
في سبيل الله قد سرنا وأعلنا الجهاد
نحن بالرشاش عدنا نملك اليوم القيادَ
ومشينا صحوة الجيل جموعاً وفرادى
ما عرفنا العيش إلا عنفوانا وجلاداً
هبَّ جمع المؤمنين للشباب الصادقين
في ليالي الكرب ساروا خلف قرآن مبين
لم يبالوا بالرزايا بين أنياب السنين
بشر الناس بصبح مشرق بالبينات
وبه الفتح تجلى في بطون الظلومات
وبصف وحدته بالهدى أيدي الأباة
يا ليالي الظالمين يا هوان العابثين
يا ضياعاً في السنين قد أتى الوعد المبين
قد أتيناكم برشاش وقرآن مبين
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Versions: #1#2#3
Rise up and leave off resting
It is Islam, [it has] returned
In the path of Allah, we have walked
And announced Jihad
We have returned with a machine gun
Possessing leadership today
And we have followed the awakening of this generation
Groups and individuals
We have not known life
Except with vehemence and endurance
[chorus x2]
The gathering of believers has sprung
With the genuine youth
In the nights of affliction they have walked
Behind an elucidating Qur'an
They did not care about (ar-razaya? translation pending)
Between the jaws of years
[chorus x2]
Give glad tidings to the people of a morning
Aglow with lucidities
And with which the conquest is manifest
In the depths of darkness
And of one row united
In guidance, by the hands of the obedient
[chorus x2]
Oh, the [fateful] nights of the unjust
Oh, the humiliation of the jesters
Oh, the waste of years
The clear warning has arrived
We have come to you with a machine gun (rata-tat-tat-tat-tat)
And an elucidating Qur'an
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