Rafet El Roman - Bana Sen Lazımsın (English translation)

English translation

are my need

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wants neither spring nor roses
this heart is only for u
burn,cmon dont stop
the ashes are urs
waits neither summer nor winter
this heart misses u only
beat,cmon dont stop
these wounds are urs
u r my need
it is hard to look for cheer
the heart is fell apart
my body is so untidy(he means his heart fell apart into pieces)
while going,my tears that droped down
they r not first or last
only,everything happened timelessly
i get,this lifetime is too late for u
so fell apart
putting evryth,ng that we lived aside
i am going into nihgts
in order to cheer up with another darl,ng
my heart has ruined from hand to hand
Ne güz, ne güller ister
Bu kalp bir sende titrer
Yak hadi durma
Senin bu küller
Ne yaz, ne kışı bekler
Bu kalp bir seni özler
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Bana Sen Lazımsın