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Bye Bye Biopsy Girl lyrics

  • Artist: NOFX
  • Album: First Ditch Effort (2016)

Bye Bye Biopsy Girl

It came back negative and gave us a scare
The next year it grew back again and you started to swear
And after chemotherapy, you threw up and lost all your hair
And when I said bye bye biopsy girl
You acted like I didn’t care
I took you to the Mission, you could order pollo
I took you to Chinatown, you said, “Let’s take it to go”
But when I asked you to take it Greek and ATM with French
I had to say bye bye bilingual girl
You said no and knew the consequence
And when I called La Migra and the INS
They took away your documents
You took me to the Jamesons and said, “Swingin’ is fun”
You told me I was good in bed, but you wanted to be with more than one
And when you said your friend was hot and I could go all the way
I had to say bye bye bisexual girl
I didn’t know your friend was gay
I had to say bye bye bisexual girl
When he said I had to pay
Submitted by LithiumLithium on 2022-08-14


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