Les Fatals Picards - Noir[s] (English translation)

English translation


(chorus x2)
This song is for you,
the punk who without fuss
went after his melancholy and
trampled it with his Doc Martens
You left your wolfpack1
in exchange for a seat near the beer keg
and a mosh circle for your
"Bérurier Noir" years' sake.
Your mohican somewhat askew,
firmly left-minded,
you still proudly raise your fist
for a last Pali-Kao2 party
3Hail thee, Che Guevara
Hail to the soldiers commitees
Hail to all free men
Hail to all stateless men
Hail thee, Bertaga4
Hail to the Banda5 too
Hail thee, anarchist punk
Hail thee, communist skinhead
This song is for you,
the rebel who become a Dad.
You dreamt of flat-sharing
and now you get a family supplement
You left your jacket on the back seat
of your sea blue family car
For Anti-slam, remembering
all your "Noir désir" years.
Hope died for you
in Vilnius, a 10th of July6
10 years later, give my regards
to the oppressed who slumbers inside you
7Turning into a king
Baying at the moon
Seeking fame and fortune
Just to drag one’s weight
And risk complacence
When you think you’ve made it
Buzz in the draughts
Usher in the alternative
Rise up one should
He’s classy actually
Or else take the sap
As it comes
Again and again
As it comes
Again and again
This little tune is for you,
the anarchist without god nor master
who put his black flag away
for lack of strong wind, for lack of revolution
For all those we didn't mention
Ludwig, Wampas, Garçons Bouchers8,
all those who will never forget
that the present is not what it used to be.
We were young, we were handsome,
we let off a nice smell of cheap beer910
And if our youth doesn't die away
we can still listen to Patchanka11
12You're giving me a bad life
Soon I'm going to escape
My gypsy, at least realize
My gypsy, please,
you don't even let me breathe
You're giving me a
bad life
My heart...
(chorus x2)
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Author's comments:

The Fatals Picards are a bunch of no-nonsense jokers. Their songs are full of cheeky humor and France-specific references that are difficult to translate, but sometimes hillarious.

This song is about aging fans of various bands of the 80's and includes bits of their lyrics.
Introductory parts are a pastiche of the famous Chanson pour l'Auvergnat.
The title refers to the word "black" being present in each band name: "Bérurier noir", "Noir désir" and "Mano negra".



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opulence    Mon, 10/04/2017 - 06:09


Just to let you know, there were a couple typos in Vilnius (you spelled Vilnus) and "for" which you spelled "fo" Regular smile

I love Les Fatals Picards, I was fully expecting obscure France references and humor from them!

petit élève    Mon, 10/04/2017 - 06:19

Thanks for the typos. I'm not done cleaning up and fixing broken links yet.

In the mean time, I advise you to check out "Grendizer is dead", it's one of my favourites :D.

opulence    Mon, 10/04/2017 - 06:22

I actually just did. Regular smile