not a big deal

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Translations of "not a big deal"

Hebrewזה לא ביג דיל

"not a big deal" in lyrics

he said that it's easy for him to be away from me
oh my soul where you even?
if you forget the past ,i can remind you of it
and generally ,it's ok it's not a big deal
i'll throw all of that behind me, it's over
and why do i accept that my heart is hurt?

Samira Said - Aal Eih

You don't love me, big fucking deal.
I'll never tell, you how I feel.
You don't love me, not a big deal.
I'll never tell you how I feel.

Marina and The Diamonds - Starring Role

O my heart , forget the one who hurts my feelings
I gave him my life and why ?
Wala Marra Ya Alby Raya7ny < o my heart , why doesn't he ever well treated me ?
Just be strong , it's not a big deal
that are years lost , and even if they pass
It will never return back to you , what ever you do

Tamer Hosny - Rayah balak

let's ask somebody who knows if you're like gold

So is that all right?
it's not a big deal!
To be honest, I really reproached you with it
now I have a fear of losing you

Murat Dalkılıç - So is that all right?

One more (one more)
On me (on me, girl)
Then we go home (then we go home)
It's not a big deal (it's not a big deal)

Stay with me tonight

Elliphant - One More

Tell me a reason for me to stay,leaving isnt easy as you think.
Just give it a rest for me to start again..mistakes will happen believe me not a big deal.
There were times before me and will also be after me.Forget me!
It was a heat before you ,next is a fire.Don't burn me!

Pera - Forget

Look, tell, say TNS rhymes
You saw and although TNS (is) law
It’s not a big deal for me
But thus I’ve arrived first although

Goin' Through - Women

I'm walking, and the moonlight is following me
I'm already next to the base, I can hear the aggregates
That's where I'm going to take a piss and leave my tag
That's not a big deal, c'mon NATO, sue me
C'mon, sue me because I'm drunk, I don't care
C'mon, do whatever you want

Edo Maajka - Phantoms

Reminding me - in the weekend, don't forget it
Talked with the Marriot - everything is ticketed*
On our way to Romania, excitement is the only thing i feel
And if you're mad at me, it's not a big deal
He is not a friend, he's my brother, so I have no choice

Omer Adam - Bucharest

We're the wrong band for you
If this doesn't sound funny to you
A beautiful woman is not a beautiful woman unless she drinks piss
Your birthday, no one congratulates you, it's not a big deal
Because in the end, it's just your father jumping out of a box
You're so well-raised, we're into good drugs

Trailerpark - Wrong Band

They never lose sight of where they're going
Some things go as planned
Some things don't
Even if you sulk, it's not a big deal
Get up quickly and take action
Then it's an easy win, this is the first movement[fn]as in a concerto or symphony[/fn]

ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D - DxHxCxT (Dream x Has x Come x True)

You've been hurt enough, sometimes you couldn't even cry.
I've never wanted to toe this line and I won't,
Although I'm not a saint,
But sometimes we make mistakes, it's not a big deal.
I won't beguile your heart,
There were enough intrigues in the lap of Mother Earth.

Kowalsky meg a Vega - Through a World

There was a time where I hung out with more than group of friends, and I remember I was bloody smoking
then the girls, you know, you pursue them and that's when I made an ass of myself
Well come on Mr. Simpatia it's worthless to pretend it, it's
not a big deal
I'm not on the side of who take drugs on the street, I never know If I would ever go whoring
and you, well you are just shit, a fake servant

Fabri Fibra - My life

It’s just one moment that I’ll forget
when I turn around, not a big deal

Not a big deal Ooh ooh yeah

B.A.P (South Korea) - Bow Wow

I’m sorry girl, I don’t ever want to let go of the line that is you
But it’s okay because I will turn back your heart
It’s not a big deal even if my heart is ripped apart

Protect her, so she won’t forget me

Infinite - The Chaser

I am gonna grab the mollah’s collar and cause trouble (jump him)

its gonna happen that I might follow you and force a kiss out of out grab your collar, not a big deal, its just for fun

If the edge of your collar is dirty it will look bad

Shahin Najafi - Hack

They also have worries and psychologists... that's not a big deal

That's not a big deal
That's not a big deal

Manel - The pretty ones are the weird ones

I got my grimy Shady with me; you front
You gonna have to get me off your ass
I pay the lawsuit and laugh
It's not a big deal, it's nothing but some cash


Eminem - You Don't Know

I dring to stop feeling sick
I drink and it's my drug
I drink anything I find
I drink because it's not a big deal
I drink like an idiot
I drink... what's wrong?

Negrita - Transalcoholic

돌아서면 잊어버릴
그저 한순간 Not a big deal

Not a big deal Ooh ooh yeah

B.A.P (South Korea) - Bow Wow

Hurry, come here one more time
And pretend to be tough
It’s not a problem, it’s not a big deal - You can laugh at me
Hurry, come here one more time
And act spoilt from time to time

Naoto Inti Raymi - Letter

Cause I've stolen your job
Cause I've stolen your car
Or I've stolen [here it could also mean "fucked"] your girlfriend under the moon
Come on, it's not a big deal
And it's not my fault if your lady's last name
Is Pompilio, like Numa

Caparezza - I come from the moon

dora seomyeon ijeo beoril
geujeo han sungan Not a big deal

Not a big deal Ooh ooh yeah

B.A.P (South Korea) - Bow Wow

It's okay, not a big deal
Let's not make it out to be a drama
It won't matter for a thing to me
It won't even leave a mark
As for the symptoms of your withdrawal
from my life; it's not an issue

Assala Nasri - The Memory Columns

Do not think I would abandon it
Your love is a blessing from God
Wreck my heart more with love
For you [it is no big deal][fn]The part between brackets there is implied. this expression (تمون) means kind of "you are precious to me so, it is all okay/forgiven/not a big deal."[/fn]

My love, I do not want anyone else but you

Ismaeel Mubarak - My Love

That'’s how we live together this life

The parson gets some good wine before the mass
But it'’s not a big deal, the state is same in the mass
And after the show stuffing religious ass
That’'s how we live together

Paddy and the Rats - Old Wive's Tale

That girl in the commercial won't ever love me
even if you try to pull it on me each time.
Tori Black won't fuck me either. She stops fucking when she steps off set. When she gets home, she's tired, she's nasty.
It's normal, it's not a big deal.

Shit, bring me back from the dead, some red wine, some Lexapro, or even all three.

Fauve ≠ - TRW

A look, just a carry
Just again, even if it is late

I never asked anything, that's not a big deal
Come face to eternity, it will not even be
It will remain between us, oh, just a slight delay

Céline Dion - Another Evening

and these knives, they are waiting for you and your flesh
and in the pot the water is boiling for your pieces

It's not a big deal
but I'm just hungry

Joose Keskitalo - Come to me, my dear

If you want to leave, leave it's not a big deal
And don't mind what is going to happen to me
If you want to hurt me, (then) hurt me
Do what you want, I'm not stopping you
I'll remind you only one thing

Giorgos Mazonakis - You're responsible for me

それは完成形であって また哲学体系である
それは感情論であって また揶揄的反論である

"Stop acting like a victim. I'm sure it's not a big deal. Look at it this way. There's nothing weird
about a judgment I'll make. Every achievement calls for sacrifice. Fools miss their chance to cast
the dice. Just do as I say or I'll have to make a move like she stuck the painter in the right chest."

Hello Sleepwalkers - Comic Relief

Look into my eyes,
if you want something.
Love me,
it's not a big deal!
Look into my eyes,
I will tell you something

Dimitar Andonovski - Look into my eyes

Even if it's late

I never asked for anything, that is not a big deal,
Come on, compared to eternity, it will be unnoticed
It will stay between us, oh,

Céline Dion - One more evening

Sometimes, just let it go
Can’t fall? Can’t be late? Says who?

If you relax, it’s all not a big deal
Brush off your shoulders a couple of times
Put away the romantic dancing

Super Junior - Let's Dance

Don't bring the guns to where you're going
I've already saw too many paying to see
Don't have time to regret
But is not a big deal what It's
If someday I could have someone to say

Matanza - Bad Time

You can't bother someone like this
What's up with your "it's not a big deal" mind ?
Do I really look like this from distance ?
"His soul can't get hurt, he's not human"

Özcan Deniz - Just think

Where they shall go
And if they'll come back

Why should I tell them it's not a big deal?
If time itself is a road
That had a life turned inside out

Zélia Duncan - Who Has Seen, Who Sees

Ex to the pen to the sive to the sive
Whatever I do, it’s all so expensive
But still
It’s not a big deal, I can throw it all away

Ex to the pen to the sive to the sive

Lip Service - Too Fancy

You can’t compromise things like this
An absolutely territory, area
It’s not a big deal, let’s just go
Go go, let’s go together

Lunafly - Special guy


*I seriously thought about writing "trifles" but "trinket" hasn't really a specified origin whereas "trifle" is british... not that I hate British !!! XD But I want my translation to be understood by as many people as possible... and you surely know that, eeerm, America is a bit larger than the United Kingdom and double-eeerm, american language and culture are more popular than british ones :3 hope you'll excuse me * gives English a chocolate bar *
**It comes from the french expression : "ce n'est pas la mer a boire" which means "it's not a big deal".

GiedRé - We're All Gonna Die

Even if you have to leave, buddy, wait a minute
Come on, let's sit on the terrace, quiet, drinking tea
I want to laugh, I want to split my sides laughing
Even if there are problems, for real, it's not a big deal
Go, don't be mean, give me good news
No, don't be mean, I am all ears

Lefa - On the teracce

God I hate that bitch screw her!

You sound like a baby
That's not a big deal
Plus Katy didn't steal she just offered them a job
Tay that's for real

Bart Baker - Bad Blood Parody

When everyone was asleep at night
It felt like you’d come visit me

I told myself, it’s not a big deal once time passes
Love isn’t a big deal at all
I pretended to know it all but it’s so funny

Gain - Let’s Meet When It Turns Twelve

I’m bitter, bitter,
as if I’m drinking herbal medicine
I’m depressed, it’s depressing,
it’s not a big deal but I’m depressed
I’m depressed, it’s depressing,
as if I’m eating gloomy fruit, I’m depressed

IU - Gloomy clock

Anyone can see that they’re so beautiful – they look pretty happy

If I opened my eyes for half the day, I am walking alone like yesterday
That’s not a big deal – I’m scared of meeting you
As I’m walking alone through the memories

BoA - Not Over You

Your voice when you said you missed me
Your scent that wrapped around me when I hugged you
I just have to forget them, it’s not a big deal
I’ll just erase it, whatever

Yu Seung Woo - Whatever

And whenever the moon shines,
I think about all the others I could've had,

Nah, it's not a big deal,
A gifted donkey ...
And if he has to the devil will eat flies.

Alligatoah - Consolation Prize

Oh, curse this jealousy!
You set the fire with just a brief glance
If I lost my mind,[fn]It literally says "if my mind flew", it's an idiom.[/fn]
no, it's not a big deal
No,no no no...

Assi El Hellani - I Love You and I get Jealous

Wow! You say that break-up with me was "a piece of cake"! Really!
As if you could have someone like me!
I'll remind you if you've forgotten.
Anyway, it's not a big deal.
I'll throw this all away.
Why would I like my heart to be in pain.

Samira Said - Wow, really!

Because there are so many memories for me to take

It’s just goodbye for now
It’s not a big deal, it’ll be quick
Seven years together
We’ll be together for longer than that

Seo In Guk - Walk together

but time will heal.

He looks at me like everything is alright, alright
"she´s not a big deal" it´s alright,it´s alright
life has so much more surprises to hide to hide to hide to hide....

Iveta Mukuchyan - Mad Woman

This temporary advantage is done for naturally
Should you meet with your fate
Why, that's nothing!
That's not a big deal
What kind of foolishness is this?
What kind of ravings?

Corpse Bride (OST) - The Bride's Song. Tears To Shed

In the sky
I just wanna be alone

It's not a big deal, or anything

I just wanna be alone

Thomas Sanders - Birds

You hold me up
You hold me off

It’s not a big deal
Making me feel
Like a sunbird

Bear in Heaven - Demon

그녀의 키는 170
마른 편이 아닌 허벅진
not a big deal.백이면 백 다 바쁘게
d.i.e.t 안했으면해
cuz i like it big baby!

P`Skool - She Groove

I'm as good as gold, good as gold.
I'm as good as gold, good as gold.

If sometimes I get bored, It's really not a big deal.
Modern little girls don't cry because they know, ouh.
They wait for no one, they'd rather play alone.

Kate Ryan - As Good As Gold

Hurry, follow the rhythm of the music
Shout out freely with all your might
Swing, never, never give up! (Swing)
Even if you're upset, it's not a big deal
In a second, you'll forget about it
Hurry, follow the rhythm of the music

Super Junior M - Swing

It's not a big deal.
I smiled.
Knowing it's not
I tried so hard.
As if my destiny was mocking me
Make a cloudy day

Violet Tree - Day

That surprises us with her coming.
Get the wine for this feast and get the napkins from the cupboard.
Do you want two cups of tea?
Well that is not a big deal at all.
If the water sings, my cups will jump happily.

Beauty and the Beast (OST) - Come join us [Be our guest]

There's a voice inside of me
that reminds me that I lied to you
it sounds worse in the song:
Is not a big deal but anyway

It's better to leave some days

Miranda! - Christmas

Who were so keen at last to see
their streets being kept vagrant-free.

Not a big deal, maybe, you'd say,
but that smile kept my body warm,
And in my soul a flame was born

Georges Brassens - Song for the Geordie

your pretty voice
Your pretty heart,
they’re all the same
Don’t think it’s hard, it’s not a big deal
We’re just apart for a little while, that’s why we feel this way

Im Siwan - Tick Tock

Life can raise us as well as it can cut us
Half of us is in the ground
Let's cover ourselves a bit
One lock is not a big deal for us
It's easy to forget, there are ten credit card payments

Mor ve Ötesi - Don't hide