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Notes for Too Late

Okay, I was your age about your age ago
The transition to adulthood is slippery in the corners
Becoming a man: there is no training, no retake
Now you're in the deep end of the pool, guess how to swim
You'll always have some kind of rage, wanting to go out to sea
To beat down the guys who play guitar on the beach
It's like every time you move house, it's a world that falls apart
Look, history is written by turning the pages
Listen to
I took a few notes
[Unique Verse]
If you feel like no one understands you, it's because no one understands you
It's easier to cope once you figure that out
How can you blame them? You don't understand yourself either
Often alone with your problems, often you're the problem
Most of adult typo are shitty clichés
Because they didn't understand the game, but they follow the rules
So don't listen to your parents too much, just pretend you do
They are not all-knowing, you're their first child
You'd be wasting so much time fighting
There's fights you can't win, especially when you don't pay the rent
Just accept it, there's very little reason to mess around
In your own house, even when you're right
If there's one thing you don't have to question
You're smarter than you used to be, but you're still a dumb ass
You're too sensitive, you experience everything like an aggression
Ask a madman if he's crazy and you'll see what he answers
Another thing you need to know is that you're not gonna have sex tonight
Once you figure that out, it'll take a load off your hands
Because you're way too hungry and it's gonna show.
Because you're far too shy, you're going to drink far too much
Learn to shut up, you'll look mysterious
Learn to sell yourself a little better, you'll have sex in a month or two
It's always the same kind of girl you fall in love with
You know, the kind of girl that makes you unhappy
So don't be a crybaby on the day she breaks your heart
Over the long haul, you save yourself a lot of tears
Then you'll be afraid to get involved, you'll think it's better elsewhere
Than at home, you're gonna miss the best part of what you already have
Basically, you have sex with your girlfriend thinking about another girl
You didn't like it
You think about her when you have sex with the other girl once she left you
You'll never stop people from talking
And, since you're a weirdo, maybe you'll manage to get people to beat you up
You can do push-ups, you can learn how to fight
But even muscular, it still hurts to take a punch
Your brain and your ego are working backwards
The more you try to prove something, the less you succeed
When you say you're not scared, it's because you're scared
When you say you're not in pain, it's because you start to feel the pain
Know your height, don't overrate yourself
You'll see, sometimes you'll lose against guys you thought were crap
Of course, life is unfair
If you don't like laws, don't be a fucking judge
Don't believe the insults, you can be a bastard whatever the race
To be a son of a bitch, you don't have to have a hooker for a mother
you don't have to be gay to be a bugger
The more you react, the more it looks like you're being targeted, let it slide
The best jokes are the meanest or the dumbest
But the worst human beings are cruel losers
Don't pick on the weak, keep the jokes in a corner of your head
It'll fit into a text, a movie or a sketch
School's a pain in the ass, not much you can do about it
Stopping means leaving too soon for another misery
Throw your school bag in the air, you'll have the weight of society on your shoulders,
A boss, your father and mother
Three-quarters of the lessons are useless
But the porn actresses are witnesses to it: skipping school does nothing but delay the end
You say we'll see, you play the smart guy, but you're fragile
Like screening, you're sorry about the test
School is a filter that makes everything very boring
Like black-and-white movies: the hardest part is getting into them
It's harder when you're apprehensive, like your first time
I've been using sexual metaphors all the way because you only think about that
Think of the latinas as the hottest chicks in the world
Listen in Spanish, think about chemistry, you could do drugs
Stop memorizing things you didn't understand
And in philosophy, you weren't supposed to tell your life story
Oh, yeah, no one's forcing you to smoke weed
Actually, it works better on hyperactive people
Being stoned isn't even your favorite part of it
When you're high, all you do is pretend to be clean
The part you like best is to go with your gang to a garden centre
To steal bamboo and make a bong
You just need a passion
So listen carefully to the guidance counsellors and do the opposite of what they'll say
Basically, all the stuff that people say,"You're wasting your time"
You need to get really into it and hang in there for a long time
If you want to make movies, you just need a recording device
Saying,"I don't have any gear or no contact,"is a victim thing
We'll tell you to be first, never to be happy
First, it's for those who need a grade, who have no self-confidence
You're at the point in your life where you can become whatever you want to be
The same time where it's the hardest to know what you want
Besides hanging out with your crew
Especially not missing the last rumor, the last funny thing
Honestly, you wouldn't miss much if you left for four years
Whatever, it's important, do shit while there's still time
So you won't wake up one day when you're 40
Like,"Shit, I'm gonna die, but never had real fun
My family won't let me live, I'm gonna have to leave them
To snort snow in a nightclub, find some young girls to vampirize"
I see a lot of them, so, you little terrorist boy, go have a ball
Come out in the evening even though, I confess, you're gonna get flunked
You'll be back next week or the year after that
You know, you weren't gonna fuck tonight if I have to remind you
If you're coming home, take a picture of your locker room ticket
Realize that you don't know how to drink, you're getting wasted too soon
When it gets to be a pride to gulp big shots
That means you are getting worked up over nothing
Stop freaking out, if you want to, go dance
The only rule on the track is, don't do things you've never tried before
If you ever fall asleep first in a party
Lookin' into the mirror, that's the basics as soon as you get up
it might spare you
A family dinner with a cock drawn on your cheek
Those family dinners where you're bored, where they talk really loudly
To say some very banal things, we're already talking to each other and it's not bad
Truths are complicated, clichés are stable
Sorry if not everyone around the table is an expert
You can't get over other people's faults, and that's your worst flaw
Life is are cycles, that's why I use the same words
Don't be paranoid about who your real friends are
There's only one way to find out: let time sort it out
I've never regretted asking for advice or calling someone
Often you think they're weird, it's just that the reception is poor
The same story has a lot of versions
The best way to get out of a mess is to ask questions
Stop spending your life running away, anxious about the future
Because there's nothing you can do to prepare for the worst
Like bombings, bad news strikes when you don't expect them
Some family members in a bit of a hurry will leave before you do
You'll see happy people taking a call
Their faces break down and nothing is ever the same
There's nothing to do but be there
Dressing wounds, changing bandages, the only cure is time
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Notes pour trop tard

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Jethro ParisJethro Paris
   Thu, 19/10/2017 - 19:46

J'allais justement te demander de corriger cette musique haha! Justement, le défaut que tu trouvais à OrelSan a été corriger dans cette musique, du coup si tu veux la corriger, je t'en serais très reconnaissant. Pour le titre, le vrai titre c'est "Notes Pour Trop Tard" Cette musique m'a vraiment toucher, c'est la dernière musique de son album qui sort demain, et tu vois, je pensais pas qu'il réussirait à faire une musique aussi triste que J'essaye, J'essaye et La Peur de L'Echec, bah pourtant, il a réussi.