Ludmila Ferber - Nunca pare de lutar (English translation)

English translation

Never stop fighting

What comes to try to hurt
the God's Brave one
amidst his wars?
What attack is able
to make him look back
and wish to give up?
What terrible weapon is
used to try to paralyze his faith?
Tiredness, discouragement
Right after a victory
The mix of stress with an evil counter-attack
The pain of loss, or the pain of betrayal
The break of an alliance, which is the ingratitude's root
If someone is feeling this way, listen carefully
Listen to what comes from the heart of God
In wartimes, never stop fighting
Don't let your guard down, never stop fighting
In wartimes, never stop adoring
Spread the word and prophesy relentlessly
The escapement, the resting, the healing
the reward will come in no time.
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Nunca pare de lutar

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