Chitãozinho & Xororó - Nuvem de Lágrimas (English translation)

English translation

Clouds of Tears

There are clouds of tears in my eyes...
Telling me that you are gone
And that my weep in no time will run down
I have done everything to convince
and prove myself that life is better without you
But my heart can not be fooled
Many passions I invent to escape the longing
but after the love-making, reality comes
And only your absence remains, hurting me so much
An emptiness in the heart comes, a bad feeling
My body longs for your body next to mine
I live and survive in a world without peace
Ah ... what a sad way of having you!
That keeps you far from my eyes but close to my heart
Teach me how to forget you
Or come right now and take me out of the loneliness
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Nuvem de Lágrimas

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