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New, Yet Familiar, Waltz

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A long time ago there was
A swineherd, a very cool man
And a princess, she was a proud virgin
One day they met and he told her:
''Geez, what a nice girl you seem to be
Look at that dress, very zippy
Are you going to a masquerade?''
''Skedaddle, what a scumbag!
I'm a princess, quite prudish
My name is Kunigunda, the king's treasure''
''Take it easy, you, be cool
Listen when I drum on my pot''
Digga digga pop...
''Christ, what a grand song you just drummed, huh?
If you teach me to drum, you can kiss me''
''Every girl has a mouth, can't you give me some money?
I drink from the brook, live from the soil
If you've got some money, you can stay calm''
''How brazen, you're not getting any gold
But I want to drum on your pot''
Digga digga pop...
''Damn, this chick is in an awful hurry
What in gods name do you see in it? There are lots of pans''
''This pan sounds nice, it has a very cool sound
Let's make an agreement, take it or leave it
I become a cool swineherd, you become the king's treasure''
''Me as a princess? Sure, I'm cool
Then, take my drum, take my pot''
Him as a princess, cool man with clips
Was heaved from the court by a squad
Her as a swineherd, prudish girl in a tie
Made all the people crazy, played pot
It's a mistake to trade away one's pot
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Nygammal vals

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