Bendeniz - O Biliyor (English translation)

English translation

They know

Don't think the earth is so huge
We get together abruptly
Maybe at downtown
Look my fire is on your head my love
You can't hide it from me
Whatever you did
Eventually your hands
Eventually your tongue
Eventually your heart will burn
Then your eyes
Your voluminous words
Your heart which is full of lies will be left
I tied my tongue
I stopped talking so dont stress me
The cause of all these pains
They know. They know. They know...
If it's over, it's over; they'll go
If they find someone more beautiful than me
My heart is open for those who wants to come
They know. They know. They know...
Since you broke my heart to millons of pieces
Fooling me with dreams
Now work it out
If you say they're good in heart somehow
I'll do other way and i won't ask you
If you force me
Submitted by stresli on Mon, 21/04/2014 - 06:55
Added in reply to request by ertantr
Author's comments:

Cümleleri kurarken "they" kullanmamın nedeni cinsiyet belirtmeden "o" diyebilmek içindi. İngilizcede bu şekilde kullanılır. Regular smile Saygılarımla...

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