• Caetano Veloso

    O Leãozinho

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Little Lion

I'm very pleased to see you, little lion,
walking underneath the sun.
I like you very much, little lion.
My oh-so-lonely heart
stops becoming sad, little lion,
just to discover you along the way.
A lion cub, a morning ray of light,
pulling my gaze like a magnet.
My heart is the sun, father of all color,
when he browns naked skin.1
I'm pleased to see you in the sun, little lion,
to see you enter into the sea
your skin, your light, your mane.
I'd like to be in the sun, little lion,
to get my mane soaking wet,2
to be close to you and play around.
  • 1. "pele ao léu" means "naked skin"
  • 2. literal translation: "to soak my mane"
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O Leãozinho

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