Ana Moura - O meu amor foi para o brasil (English translation)

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My love went to Brasil

My love went to Brasil in this steam
Saved with steam his goodbye in the blue sky
When he arrived Rio de Janeiro
Not even a line he wrote.
It's been a year.
He left the promise of the calling letter.
In this stomach he left a seed
The flower was born and eared.
It wants to know about it's away father
And I don't know how to tell it nothing.
He's lost in the middle of the (?)
Women don't know what's sin
Their saints are stronger than mine
They make Heaven's pedestal with deaf ears.
He must be tied there
In a rosary of shells that had bewitched him
My love was rubber tapper in Pará
Was gravedigger in the backlands of Piauí
Was tinkir in lands of Maranhão
Someone told me they had see him
On a Sunday making bread.
My love already has brasilian way
Puts sugar with cinnamon on the vowels
Already dances forró and risks in the ass
Who knows if maybe one day
He'll risk other carnivals.
He's lost in the middle of mulattoes
He must be melting on other arms
I already know that their saint are miracle workers
They dance with joy in the (?)
But I still have hope that one day he misses me
And he'll come back to the homemade arms.
He's in São Paulo and works at Telecom
He should already have "doctor" written on a card
At night he dances on "Ó do Borogodó"
He forgot the "Solidó",
No more cries when he hears Fado
I don't know what to say, he was so ungainly
If I see him I don't want him no more, he must be a squeamish.
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O meu amor foi para o brasil

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