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The Wind

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I can hear the wind go by
Watch the wave hit
But the damage it does
Life is short to see...
I thought,
When I die
I'll wake up to time
And time to stop
One century, a month
Three lives and more
One step back
I wonder why?
I'll think about it
How can anyone dream
What is impossible to know?
Not telling you what I think
Is thinking about saying it
And that, I saw
The wind takes
I don't know anymore
I feel it is like dreaming
That the effort to remember
Is the desire to forget
And why?
Tell me more
If we don't know how
To laugh at each other anymore, honey
Then what's left is to cry and, maybe
If it has to last
The blessed love of tears
Comes reborn
One century, three
If the past lives
Are part of us
And how will it be?
The wind will say
Slow what will come
And if it rains too much
We'll know
Clear of thunder
If someone then
Smiles in peace
Just by finding
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O Vento

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