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Одна (Odna) (English translation)

  • Artist: Boombox (Бумбокс)
  • Song: Одна (Odna) Album: Меломанія (2005)
    2 translations
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  • Translations: English #1, #2
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The only one

Versions: #1#2
A day like a day, a night like a night
A night like a night, a day like a day
At last, you've returned home again
I'm looking back, someone with bananas reduces strain
Someone reading something, someone stuck in the metro
She is the only one waiting for you by the window
And she sees- you walking near along the same alleyways,
Through passage to the right, then near the gate
Maybe you'll stop, take a look- third floor on the left
It's such a nonsense, but she would've been glad
No, you think, how you tired of everything, to live is not enough today
And all our hopes and expectations, the fate had chased away
Where are you going, what happens next -questions
Over which to think for now, believe me, it's not worth it
Only her, only her will sit by the window till dark
Call you and me, and the time will pass...
Only her, only her, uh-huh
Call you and me, and the time will pass...
Day like day, everything have changed long ago
Day by day alike a colourful movie our life
A night like a night, like the lit candles glow
A day like a day and a night like a night
She was waiting only for you, do you hear?
And you don't give a damn, you're arranging your affairs
You love your car and you have a stile of sot
Got everything, you wanted, you've made an effort.
So why then are you sad - she is not near
How it goes: gate, another building, than to the right?
Flying upstairs, third floor on the left
Is she really will open, is she really will be happy?
Did you really reached the desired aim?
Everything is normal: flowers, champagne
You are standing another minute, the bell is ringing
Well, who is there?- there is nobody
Day like a day, July, November, April
Beyond the window each of us her target
A night like a night, in the dark the flame shines
A night like a night and a day like a day
The dreams are transparent in the palms, male superstitions
To prove the you're the best, the rat race
Grey city, morning pastry, evening chase
The train doesn't go any further, please, vacate the carriages
The thing is, that with sky blue eyes
The girl is looking, the night is behind us
She knows, that the day will come, the spring will arrive
You will understand, that only she was waiting
Maybe there will be a day and the spring will come
You will understand, that only she was waiting
Soon there will be a day, yes, the spring will come
You will understand that she was waiting...
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Anatoli Trojanowski

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Одна (Odna)

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