Odnajdziemy nasz spokój (English translation)

  • Artist: Ludola
  • Song: Odnajdziemy nasz spokój
  • Translations: English
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We'll find our peace

We were shedding blood for a long time.
It was sinking in the land of our fathers and eventually the heavens got its colour too.
The colour of the sad standard of the failure.
Who could know that there would be no tomorrow?
Silent statues of us remained.
Our land suffered long.
They were telling us that that this was the end of suffering but the whole world ended!
New forests grew up for us at last
and again children's laughter could be heard in the meadows
but it doesn't matter when there's nobody to listen and nobody to look.
Time won't wait for you nor for anybody else.
We were shedding blood for a long time
but after that, the soil gave us sick crop.
It will take a long time for you to wash it off your feet
when you don't even know what you're stepping on.
You deprived the world of the beauty.
You killed it with your misery.
You, vain canaille, you and your commonness.
The world is drowning in a deafening scream of the masses.
You're falling into the abyss with the smile of a fool on your face
but it still seems to you that you're flying to heaven.
But the fate will change, the sun will rise.
The fate will change.
We'll find our peace amid birch forests
by the light of the fire and on the shores of forest lakes.
We'll find relief in the unchangeable
and only the sun will cry over the land of its children.
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Odnajdziemy nasz spokój

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