Hayedeh - Ey Khoda (ای خدا) (English translation)

English translation

Oh God

All things are strange for me
All things are deception for me
O you, the hope of hopelesses(Desperates)
Send everything that is our portion(share)
Oh God, oh God, oh God
There is no patience
Oh what a days , what a ages
Don't you like us?
O God,What are you thinking about?
Oh God, oh God, oh God
Oh God, I swear to love
to this distressed situation
to romantic loyalty
to purity of crying eyes
that I have no patient
There is no time
for love and worship
Our days becomes Autumn
Our love was scarified for other's loves
we are alive , We are not dead
so why we surrendered the love to others
we who deal the time(days,life)
We who find out the bad and good of that
Oh God , make us to win
We who lost our life
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Ey Khoda (ای خدا)

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