Natalia Toledo - Naxiñá’ rini (English translation)


Naxiñá’ rini

Rini sti’ guichi bia gueta
guie naxiñá’ naguichi daabi lugia’ beela ró manichuga.
Batana’ Diuxi guyu biní,
ruuna ni ridiee ne bidaani’
racu ca gunaa gule Lula’.
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English translation

Oh, great cochineal

With your cactus blood1 ,
your ruby thorns, over the flesh of insects2.
The Hand of Christ3 was sown,
giving it the color
that's worn by the Oaxacan women.
  • 1. A Cochineal will make its home in cacti and feed off of it, so in a way; the cactus is the 'blood' that flows in its body.
  • 2. the Cochineal is crushed and used as a dye, the practice is still used today in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • 3. the blood seeps into the fabric to give it its red color.
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Author's comments:

Based on the English translation with a few changes. I'm actually going to go back and submit my own Spanish translation, the first one is great but the meaning is lost in two of the lines.

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