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Exeunt lyrics

  • Artist: The Oh Hellos
  • Album: Dear Wormwood


[Verse 1]
I was all alone, we were young, you were like wine
Heady as the fog rolling in o'er the hillside
Lovely as the song in the air as the wind blows
Opiate as the cold of the frost on the windows
Lo, the rose is gone from my eyes (so deceiving)
So, my little dove, I'm afraid I am leaving
[Verse 2]
Now, I am not the fool I was when I was younger
Crocodile eyes, I have seen how you hunger
Fluttering your lashes, like ashes and embers
Warm and bright as fire devouring timber
No, I cannot trust what you say when you're grieving
So, my love, I'm sorry, but still: I am leaving
[Verse 3]
Even when you hunt me with ire, relentless
Batter down my door when you find me defenseless
I will not abide all your raging and reaving
I have set my mind and my will: I am leaving
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