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ああ おふくろょ (Oh Mother) (English translation)

  • Artist: Saburō Kitajima (北島三郎)
  • Song: ああ おふくろょ (Oh Mother)

ああ おふくろょ

1. おふくろの 夢を見た
菜の花畑で 笑ってた
おふくろよ 幸せだったか
小さくなった 両の手を
最後にそっと 撫でた夜
2. 台所の片隅で
時々隠れて 泣いていた
おふくろよ 苦労してたな
思ったことの 半分も
してやれなくて 悔やむだけ
3. 年月を 何気なく
数えていつしか 親の年齢
おふくろよ 幸せだったか
心でそっと ありがとう
心でいつも ありがとう
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Oh, mother.

1. I saw my mother's dream
She was laughing at a rape blossoms field
Oh mother, were you happy?
Oh mother, a night when I was a child and you gently caressed me with both hands.
2. Sometimes in the corner of the kitchen, you hide and cry.
Oh mother, you had problems.
Oh mother, you just were sorry about the half of the things you thought you couldn't do for me.
3. I counted nonchalantly months and years, my parents age.
Oh mother, were you happy?
Oh mother, protect me from now on too.
Gently from my heart, thank you
Always from my heart, thank you.
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