Okean Elzy - Oj, chij tam kin' stoit' (Ой, чий там кінь стоїть) (English translation)


Oj, chij tam kin' stoit' (Ой, чий там кінь стоїть)

Ой, чий то кiнь стоїть,
Що сива гривонька.
Сподобалась менi,
Сподобалась менi
Тая дiвчинонька.
Не так та дiвчина,
Як бiле личенько.
Подай же дiвчино,
Подай же гарная
На коня рученьку.
Дiвчина пiдiйшла,
Рученьку подала.
Ой, краще б я була,
Ой, краще б я була
Кохання не знала.
З вечора до рання.
Як сонечко зiйде,
Як сонечко зiйде
Кохання вiдiйде.
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English translation

Whose horse is standing there

Versions: #1#2
Whose horse is standing there,
The one with a gray mane,
I liked that girl,
I liked that girl,
That girl over there.
I wouldn’t like her so
If it weren’t for her skin so fair,
Come to the horse, girl,
Come to the horse, beautiful,
And give me your hand.
The girl came up
And gave him her hand,
I wish I never knew,
I wish I never knew
What love is.
This love, this love,
From evening till dawn,
When the sun rises again,
When the sun rises again
This love will fade away.
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Author's comments:

This is an old Ukrainian folk song. Ukrainian grammar makes it clear that in the third verse the story is being told by the girl, although in the first two verses she is apparently quoting the man.

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