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I Didn’t Give Up On You lyrics

  • Artist: Oklou (Marylou Mayniel)
  • Translations: Serbian

I Didn’t Give Up On You

Trust me, I will not be gone for too long
But long enough so you can thrive
Until you join me back my love
You find me, these times you think you're all alone
When the winter is too cold
Don't forget all the springs to come
I didn't give up on you, ooh yeah
Not a day I didn't give up on you, baby ooh
Trust me, another story in the sky
Another reason for the stars
To hold us closely when we cry
Oh, know that I'm leaving because I love you
But I need to love myself too
Where are my prayers, oh, that's why, I
I will not give up on you
I will not give up on you
This is what screaming in gorgeous sounds like
This is how I'm getting back to my real life
I didn't know I was scared 'till I was pulling back
Why be afraid when you can wear a mask
This is here the place you told me about
Now that I'm here, I'm not sure that I wanna get out
Will I miss it, and wanna come back?
Can I take everything in my backpack?
In my backpack
I don't really know why I came down here
It's not like it's easy to reach
I hurt my knees and scratch my feet
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