T.M. Revolution - O.L. (English translation)

English translation

O.L (Office Lady)

We slip away from this smoky shop
Wherever we go from here is ok
In this sleepy town
Under a bridge, with its rusty smell and dirty walls,
While we’re being healed, while we’re gasping
We get to know one another
Like I’d been protecting you up til yesterday, I held you close
Over your shoulder, I see something new
This short night will slip away and disappear
Kiss me, become a lonely flower
In our hesitation, these quickly blooming feelings
Are vague, fragile
We tremble in the breeze
These days that flicker like shadow pictures,
We’re sowing seeds one by one
Let’s continue this journey without end
We walked to a place of unending delight
Even now, there’s only the brilliance of fake jewels
Soundlessly, I’m waiting for your heat
The loneliness of our lips becomes a flower
I touch you
Like I’d touch a wave in the midst of a storm,
And an unknown sea washes over me
This short night will slip away and disappear
Kiss me, become a lonely flower
This moment in a desert - bloom
Because we’re living, if it’s my whittled heart -
Soundlessly, I’m choked by your heat
If this is that recurring dream, don’t wake up
While we’re entangled by this darkness of parting,
We’re raising a vague, fragile thing
Submitted by ManekiKoneko on Fri, 13/11/2015 - 00:37
Author's comments:

The title, O.L, is a common Japanese abbreviation for "office lady," a title sort of like "salary man" is for guys. It's a typical secretarial position. So, presumably, this song is a very sexual ode to a certain office lady...



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