Oleg Fesov - Mash kucha lyrics request

  • Artist: Oleg Fezov
  • Song: Mash kucha
  • Language: Shughni

Shughni language

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SultonnazarSultonnazar    Sun, 02/08/2020 - 08:35

Ностальгия по Душанбе 80-х. В клипе песня Олега Фезова "Маш куча" - "Наша улица".
Nostalgia for Dushanbe of the 80s. In the video, Oleg Fezov's song "Mash kucha" - "Our street".
In the title, the artist is designated as Fesov.
Discogs or Wikipedia - good source, but when I looking for an artist Fezov, are gives Fesov. https://imgur.com/njpMfRk, https://imgur.com/TdKQhni
Fez is a reduced form of Feiz - فيض - copiousness ; exuberance.
Please correct the title.