Angham - Omry Ma'ak - عمري معاك (English translation)

English translation

My Life is with You

I have waited for the chance to come
So that I can speak to you
Speak to you and tell you of what's in my heart
which is in love with you
You are the world and the loveliest of what's in it
The kindness of your heart sweetens it
You are the happiness that I live with
My life [is] with you
Oh your eyes are my tales
Take me away from myself
You are my whole life
Take me so that I can live for you
the most beautiful future
My life is with you
Can you see, darling, can you?
Can you hear the whispers of [my] lips
and the words of my heart that is scared
to tell anyone else of his love?
My heart has wished for so long
to run to you
And I kept telling it to wait
Tomorrow we will live in bliss as days go by
My life is with you
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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Omry Ma'ak - عمري معاك