Mohamed Nour - Omt Belwageb (قمت بالواجب) (English translation)

English translation

You've Done the Job

By the way I was content
with whatever you'd do to me
It's fine
Could someone find a love like this?
You were always far away
You treated me unfairly
and did the job very well
Why wouldn't you once be considerate
That's unfair
And with you my heart was
ready to love you
even when we are far away
And it didn't care about the distance
as long as it is with you
But you treated me with such ungratefulness
As if you were someone who never existed
It's like you're happy to do this at those times
It's like you're an angel..
I treated you kindly
And you sold me out and that's what's strange
The disaster is that it was all willfully on my part
And it wasn't enough for me
I hurt my self-worth as I stood before you
And all that was supposed to be for you
If any one was in your place
they would not forget me
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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Omt Belwageb (قمت بالواجب)

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