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They call me 'she'
no one remembers my name
every night I'm the only one in a detachment state here
my filters for pain are blocked
well, I think it's great
It's a great club, but there are too many people here
but I'm that same old suicider
I've come back again for your 'no'
again, to break myself on your chest
for my insanity to judge me
everyone expresses themself's in their own way
in their own way
But you love her
how she talks, look at how she walks
great make-up, great clothes
when she looks at you she pierces you like a needle
But you love her
it's goods meant for some snob's money
when she enters the whole room is on fire
that's hell on heels
They call me 'she', even you do it
but my ego is untouched
looks may deceive, but the path is more important than the goal
I stand up and fall a hundred times
well, I think it's great
I'll break my promise
what I said more or less
who could keep their word
beside you
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