once upon the time

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once upon the time (English) — "Once upon a time" is the beginning phrase for many children's fictional stories (fairytales). It may be used by adults to denote sarcasm in an event or occurrence.
It actually means at an ambiguous, unclear, inexact time/place in the past something began to happen.

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once upon the time — "Es war einmal" (so beginnen die meisten Märchen)

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Translations of "once upon the time"

DutchEr was eens
FrenchIl était une fois
GermanEs war einmal
GreekΜια φορά κι έναν καιρ
Greek #1, #2
Hebrewהיו היה פעם
ItalianC'era una volta
Occitanbèth temps a
SpanishÉrase una vez

"once upon the time" in lyrics

Once upon the time there was a painter
He had a little house and canvas
But he loved an actress
who loved flowers
He then sold his home
Sold his paintings and his shelter

Alla Pugacheva - A million of scarlet roses

Believe me I can fly, I'm proud that I can fly
To give the best of mine, the heaven's in the sky

Stars in the sky, wishing once upon the time.
Give me love, make me smile, 'till the end of life.
Hold me up, hold me tights, lift me up to touch the sky.

Fiona Fung - Proud of you

Once upon the time we were so young

Once upon the time my work was light
Once upon the time we were so young

In a vicious circle we’re going around

Sorry Boys - Hard Working Classes

No forgiveness, no mercy
Go now and kill them all

Once upon the time
The Gods go to war
Punish or revenge

Vader - Only Hell Knows